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Email orders

We will be pleased to accept your order via email. Please email at and a Skin Potion's Customer Representative will provide you with product recommendations, appropriate information to meet your skin and body care needs.
If you wish to place a larger order, please also contact Skin Potion Customer Representative via email at

Step 1:

Please list your order information:

1. Product name

2. Quantity

3. Price

4. Total Price

5. Delivery address

6. Receiver name/phone

Step 2:

Once our customer Representative received your order, we will calculate your shipping cost and reply to you the payment options

Step 3:

After your payment is done, please email to us again, our customer care staff confirm receipt of your order will arrange the delivery your products immediately.

Shipping Confirmation
After your order has shipped, you will receive a Shipping Confirmation email with tracking information so that you may check status of the order at your convenience.



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