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Skin Potion first launched in 2003 with skin care products are based on research and related cosmetic expertise with dermatologists designed to address for sensitive skin needs. Our products are marketed as full range of Skin Care Routine that are all allergy tested and 100% Alcohol-free, Oil-free, Non-Acnegenic.
Skin Potion biodynamic ingredients the combining nature with science to create aesthetically pleasing effective products. For you, that simply means healthy, more beautiful skin.


Athena Huang is raised and educated in both of Taiwan and Australia. She begins her career by working as a host of I-Pretty program in the radio station to the public and a professional writer for many skin care products.

Mrs. Huang¡¦s most important uniqueness is she spent a great deal of time practice all different brands of products then advising to her readership and teaching Beauty Advisors on how and when to apply skin care products to make skin as pretty as possible.
She inspired thousands of people. One of her favorite quoted was ¡§Beauty can be created and touched, more importantly you make yourself and we all are a unique beautiful miracle¡¨ because she knows that once a woman tried a Skin Potion products, she will love it and share it with her friends.

Mrs. Huang also deeply involved with Skin Potion product¡¦s developments including package design. Among her many contributions, elegant style which she choice to recommend customers coordinate with using skin care products in most bathrooms and bedrooms.

Skin Potion developing our unique skin transmission technology, ¡uMagic Super B+ Serum¡vRepair Delivery System with biodynamic ingredients into the inner skin to provide a more in-depth multi functional repair, extract many anti-aging factors to keep skin vitalized.
This repaired delivery system is geared to formulating products that address the causes of skin concerns to enhance radiance and health. This process allows Skin Potion products to deliver noticeable, lasting benefits to fit naturally with your skin.




Skin Potion belief that every woman can be beautiful. Our purpose it to make everybody beautiful, not to get there by wishing or hoping for it, but we are working for it.
Skin Potion¡¦s products pass the most important test certified by SGS, and the real proof is that our products give you amazing, beautiful, health skin.




Today, more than thousands of people who already witness, that the face of beauty can be achieved by using our Skin care products.




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